Each day, several times a day we make a decision, in fact, just about everything we do is a decision and a choice.

Yes, to be a victim is a choice, its not something that happens to you.

Every moment you get to choose what it is you want, its our greatest gift and our greatest fear because no one else is responsible for but you you, and when you start to take that on, and try it on and play with it, it can be scary.

Crap, it can be scary as hell, but every so often you make a choice that changes the course of your life forever, in ways that you will truly not understand sometimes until years later.

Today, I’d like to talk to you about one of those decisions, and one of those choices I made several years ago in my business and my life for that matter.

Maybe today you will make one of those choices and decisions too!

Can one conversation change everything?

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I remember like it was yesterday…

It was a warm summers day, my daughter, now 3 was less then 6 months at the time, she was upstairs with our nanny, who just arrived an hour ago, before John had to head off to work for the evening, he was working 1:30-11 shift at the school. And Kyle, then 3, now going on 7 was still at day care.

I was downstairs in my finished home office in the basement. I could hear the nanny pacing back and forth as she tried to comfort Summer, when all she really wanted was her mom, she was not feeling well again, it was a daily occurrence at that point but I had “so much work” to be done that I felt I could not take the time to comfort and be with her, which was why we hired the nanny in the first place.

I felt bad, I felt guilty, all I wanted was to spend some time with her and comfort her, hold her in my arms and let her know it was all going to be okay.

This was not the first time I felt this way, but this day was different, because this was the day I everything changed, a new decision, a new conversation. And that decision and that conversation has changed the course of my life in so many different ways I could not even imagine at the time.

In the past 30 days, 6 people, close family, friends, and colleagues just up and died and we were on a whirlwind of a roller coaster of emotions and I really began to question everything.

What was this all for?

  • these long hours
  • all this work
  • all this stuff?

Why was I here?

  • could it really be to work my ass off with very little reward, hardly ever see my kids, hardly ever see my husband?
  • what was the purpose of all of it?
  • why am I here?
  • What am I “supposed” to be doing? and how can I do it in a way that fulfills me, my bank account, my family and that did not require me to work 17 hour days while trying to care for 2 small kids, with a husband who worked nights at the school and weekends at the fire department.

As I sat in my chair, staring off into space, I asked myself these questions, and waited for the responses.

  • I was scared
  • I felt alone
  • Like I was doing it all on my own

Sure, I had a business coach, sure, I took every certification and training under the sun, sure i had degrees, sure I could help others build profitable and sustainable businesses, but for some reason I could not figure this out for me.

I was stuck in the constant up and down, one month I’d earn $1000 next month $3000, next month $500, some months $5000 but it wasn’t consistent, it wasn’t something I could hang my hat on and depend on.

And come the end of the year, I would always earn right around $35,000….for the past several years since starting my service based business.

Can you relate?

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I did not make sense to me

  • I was smart
  • I was savvy
  • I had degrees
  • I had certifications
  • I had trainings
  • I had a coach
  • I had invested 10?s of thousands of dollars in my “after college” education, to try and make this work, heck, this wasn’t even my first business
  • Heck, I had even helped dozens of other business owner get the same freedom I was seeking, with structure, and systems, and teams

Why did I sell that Internet business in the first place?

I began to question myself?

Oh right, because I wanted to be fulfilled, I wanted to help people to create what they wanted to create, I wanted to help others to be free too, but some how in the process, I lost my freedom.

All I wanted so badly was to earn just $8000 per month, that would pay or regular expenses, give us enough money so that John could quiet his job at the school and we could be family.

  • Oh, I so desperately wanted to be a family.
  • I so desperately wanted to be free.
  • I so desperately wanted to make choices that did not revolve around money
  • I wanted to leave my kids a legacy (and not the one my family left me)
  • I so desperately wanted to be fulfilled with my work, not just doing it because I was good at it, or because it brought in money.
  • I wanted a sense of purpose, not just a paycheck, heck, I did not want a paycheck, I wanted to write my own ticket.
  • My own ticket to freedom.
Seriously, this really couldn’t be all there was… the life I was meant to live? Could it?
  • Rise and grind every day
  • Work myself until my eyes were heavy and my back hurt, just trying to figure out that one thing that magic bullet that would change it all
  • Trading dollars for hours.

Yeah, maybe sometimes I can create $5000 a month, but how do I do that consistently without burning out, working 24/7 and being resentful of my clients?

There had to be another way.

Then, it came to me, there was another way and it all started with a conversation.

My then mentor at the time, had mentioned another mentor, he was a pretty big deal in the coaching arena and I actually had a client that was working with him, so I knew first hand what kind of money he charged and what kind of results people get from working with him. In fact, my mentor had worked with him, which is why I even knew her in the first place.

I remember staring at his website for a few days, I did not really know him, just of him, but I knew one thing for sure, if I filled out the contact form, I was likely getting a phone call.

I spoke with my mentor at the time and told her what I was going through and what I wanted to create, I can still hear her saying, well, then, Kim, you know exactly what you need to do.

And I did, that day, filled out the form and next thing I know I was having a conversation so that would literally change the course of my life and business forever.

Are you for that kind of transformation?

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It was 3 simple questions

1 – What do you really want?

Hmm, what do I really want?

Well…This is what I wanted at the time.It was pretty simpleI wanted to stop struggling and start thriving

  • I wanted to be free
  • I wanted to have money to do the things I want to do
  • I wanted to be able to work when and where I want
  • I wanted to consistently earn $8k per month
  • I wanted to know how I am going to earn $8k consistently every month so that I do not burn out and never see my kids or husband.
  • I wanted to do what I love to do and get paid for it
  • I wanted to never have to worry about money again
  • I wanted to spend quality time with my kids and husband, I want to be a family
  • I wanted my husband to be able to quiet is job
  • I wanted to be able to go on vacation when and where I want

2 – What is stopping you from having what you want?

That was simple, at the time I literally had  no idea how to consistently earn the money I want to earn doing the work I want to do without burning out.

(sure, I could help other people do this, but I could not connect the dots for myself, I felt like I was special, I was the exception, everyone else could have it, could live the dream, but not me, it was too hard, plus, did I really deserve it? I mean, who the hell was I that I was going to be able to live the life I wanted to live, doing the work I wanted to do, earning the money I wanted to earn, enjoying my free time, my kids, my house, my family…)

The question, I should have been asking was, who the hell was I not to be, I am a child of God and my deepest desires are mine for the receiving, so long as I am open and willing to receive, open and willing to take responsibility. Which leads us to the next question

3 – Are you willing to do what it takes to get what you want?

Damn straight I said, if you can show me how, I will do whatever it takes, whatever it takes, I want this so bad I can taste it, and I am not willing to die without fulfilling my dream.

Being on the other side of this, I will tell you this, I did whatever it took, and let me tell you, it wasn’t always pretty and it wasn’t always easy and it took having the right kind of support in my life and business to be able to make the changes I needed to make to get to the other side.

I don’t say that to scare you, or be dramatic, but I will tell you this, the thing I personally had to do get to the other side, where I sit now, most people will never have to do nor would most ever do. But that’s okay, because we are all on our own journey, and the truth is, that God does not give us anything that we cannot handle, we are all meant to have our own journey.

Sometimes that journey is full of love and joy and happiness and other times it is filled with fear, and doubt and worry, its a roller coaster ride, there are bumps, there are curves, life is not a straight line and either is business. If you want to get to the other side of where you are right now and you are willing to do whatever it takes to have what you want then I would love to see how I can support you in that journey.

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Bam, just like that. Seriously, I went through this thought process with one of the support coaches on this mentors team and by the end of the conversation I had made a new decision, a new choice.

I decided I was no longer willing to remain stuck, I was no longer willing to not have what I wanted, I was no longer willing to hide my dreams under the rugs and hope and pray that something would change.

I was ready to make a change, and so, I decided, let’s do this, I want to work with him.

Okay great, in order to schedule the VIP day (this is how the relationship started, a 4 hour in person session) there is a required deposit of $20,000.

What the what?, what I minute, I thought, I don’t have that kind of money, just told you, my husband finally just got a JOB after being out of work for nearly 1 1/2 years, I had a new born, and a 3 year old, I was barley scrapping by, we already spent all of our money from our 401K’s, retirement accounts, savings, it was gone, there was nothing left.

I thought, how am I going to do this? It just seemed impossible.

She said to me…”Kim, let me ask you something”, yeah, sure, “Is this what you really want? Truly? to have this life?”

YES, I do…

“and you are willing to do what it takes?”


“then the money is there, the how always shows up once you make a decision that its what you want and you have the desire deep inside of you, you see, that is given to you by God, and that means the way is already here.”

Okay, great, so How do I “see” it because from where I am looking, I see a whole bunch of zeros in my account, and I no way to make this happen.

“Kim, the way is there”

Then it popped into my head…

Well, I have a credit card that has 0% interest for 6 months, maybe I can use that, but the credit limit is only $5,000.

“that’s okay, give me that credit card, I will send over the agreement, and in a week from now, we will process the remaining $15,000 on your credit card and schedule your first session”

I gave her the credit card and she charged the $5,000 on the card.
Then I was off to tell my husband the great news… oh and figure out how I was going to get the rest of the deposit in a weeks time.Success isn’t always easy, its not always a straight line, what works for me, might not work for you. The point is that, you need to realize you have the power to create whatever it is that you want.

Well, the good news is, it showed up.. I called the credit card company and before that Thursday I had a credit line increase that allowed me to charge the rest of the deposit and get started on the journey.
The money was there all the time. I just couldn’t see if from my point of view, of course, I had to now work a plan that would allow this to become an investment.
And, I am happy to say, that on the other side of that journey, I created a multi-6-figure biz supporting amazing heart centered entrepreneurs in growing and optimizing their business to the next level.
So, if you are ready to have a conversation and make a new decision today, to change your business and your life, I would love to chat with you.
Just click here, fill out this quick form and see if you qualify for a complimentary consultation to see how I can help you create and grow your dream business too!
Love and blessings,
xox, Kim
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WhyoudontreachyourgoalsBefore I let you in the secret as to why you are not reaching your goals I want to first look at what makes a “great” goal!

Great goals are:

- Outcome focused. Once your WHY is understood (AND it’s a good & enthusiastic WHY) you’re 90% there! This piece alone is key to reaching the goals

- In line with your values. The more a goal aligns with your core values – the EASIER it will be to achieve. Note: You can achieve goals that don’t align with your values but it’s usually harder and less satisfying.

Stated in the positive. ie. “I want earn $5000 in additional income this month” rather than “I want to stop bleeding money out of my biz”

and SMART:

Specific (so you know exactly what you are trying to achieve)

Measurable (so you know when you have achieved it!)

Action-oriented (so you can DO something about it!)

Realistic (so it IS achievable) and

Time-Bound (has a deadline)

Okay, cool, so you get all that, and you may have even heard of the above or similar, now I want to tell you why its not working for you or at least why it wasn’t working for me and the clients I serve.

So stick with me, you set a goal, based on the above, maybe $5k in income in the next 30 days but for some reason you just cant reach that goal, or maybe sometimes you do but its not consistent and you just can’t put your finger on it.

You start to question yourself, your skills, your abilities, what is this all for, you want to throw in the towel, this is just too damn hard.

I get it because I have been there done that, I have set so many goals and not reached them, that is until I figured out this other piece, the missing link.

So, if you are like me, awake and aware you have likely struggled with the traditional goal setting because it just does not address this piece.

Let me clue you in, first there is nothing wrong with you which is the great news and its totally fixable. Actually, I address this in great detail in my digital product on goal setting and strategic planning, plus be sure to check out the upcoming mastermind as well too here.

Okay, back to the problem, so the problem is that when you set goals you need to look at what is really in the way of you achieving your goals, plus you also need to make sure that the goals you set are in alignment with what you really want, your purpose, the deep desire you have hidden inside of you.

You see, a lot of times we create goals out of fear, of wanting something to stop, like I want to stop bleeding money out of my biz and I just want this darn problem to go away. The problem with that is two fold, the goal is not in alignment and you are setting yourself up to fail.

You see, not only do you need to bridge the gap with a strategy to get where you want to go but you need the secret hidden piece to be addressed as well, the energy behind it.

Again, I go into great detail in my training here, and if you are at all struggling with reaching your goals I highly encourage you to check it out.

But in the meantime, know that you need to check that your energy is in alignment with the goal, and then if it isn’t (hint: its not in alignment if you have been setting goals and not reaching them) then you need to get to root of this, get rid of and reset your goals.

I’d love for you to join me in my upcoming mastermind program on this here and get access to the training for free: http://rockyourgrowth.com/plan-mastermind

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Finish2014StrongIt’s that time of year where we start to look at what we have been doing all year, its a time for reflection as well as a time to really step up and put things into high gear.

There are less then 3 months left in 2014 and time is of the essence to get things back on track or get them started.

Are you ready?

I thought I would share with you some tips on how putting a plan together for the rest of the year so you really can accomplish what it is that you want, easy peasy :)

Let’s get started:

Step 1 – Get crystal clear on what it is that you truly want, and why do you want it. Seriously, you really need to dig deep here and get this clarity, I promise you the time you spend will be well worth it and in my experience will make achieving your goals so much easier. When you tie your goal to a big WHY it helps you to stay focused on the result you want to create and the reasons behind it. Not just, I want to create an extra $2000, why do you want to create an extra $2000, what does that really give you and why is that important to you?

Step 2 – Once you are clear on what you want to achieve and why you want it you need to lay a foundation for your success, meaning, you need to have a plan. What is required for you to reach these goals? It may look like a series of additional mini-goals broken down from the larger goals attached to tasks. Who else do you need to help you achieve these goals? What else is required? Time, Money, additional Resources? Know exactly what its going to take to reach these goals.

Step 3 – Now that you have an idea of what its going to take to reach these goals you must map it out on your calendar. Its time to start using your calendar as a strategic tool to help you reach your goals. In my experience if something isn’t on the calendar it just doesn’t get done, its that simple. So, check in with your calendar and the items on your calendar, are they in alignment with reaching your desired outcomes? Or do you need to adjust and remove items that are not serving the end result of what you want and what is required for you to do to achieve them. There are only so many hours in the day, make sure the things on your calendar make sense :)

So there you have it, a simple 3 step process for making the most of what is left of 2014. If you would like to take this teaching further then I encourage you to join us live for the 2 Call Mastermind and Q & A experience as well as the in depth Goal setting and strategic planning system.

You can learn more about that here: http://rockyourgrowth.com/plan-mastermind

Hope to see you on the other side.

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Planning to Fail?

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Well, are you? Are you planning to fail?

In today’s day and age, all kinds of businesses can be found anywhere and everywhere. More and more people are buying the idea of putting up a business to gain more income. It all sounds good, yes, but if you are one of those who want their own business, this only means that you have competition – anywhere and everywhere!


So, what do you do to stay on top? What can you do to have an edge over hundreds and thousands of other businesses? Are you ready for the high requirements that your business is going to demand from you? Are you the type of owner who plans and looks ahead, making sure that everything is well thought of and each plan is slowly but surely executed? Or are you the type who would just go with the flow, decide on the spot and just let things be?


Whatever type of business-mind you have in you, the most important question to consider is: are you planning to fail or failing to plan? They say that failing to plan is planning to fail, and somehow, that premise holds true. To gain success, preparation is the ultimate key; and so, here are some tips for business starters who want to make sure that they are not planning to fail nor are they failing to plan:

  1. Know and prepare yourself for a commitment – your business commitment. Know that it is not a joke putting one up, so before you start, be sure that you are 100% committed to it.
  2. Gather your resources and use them well. Save some of your initial capital for future emergency use.
  3. Plan every move carefully and thoroughly. Make sure that all areas needed are covered and that you have everything you need within your hands’ reach.
  4. Have a back-up plan. If Plan A does not work, well, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet.
  5. Execute as smoothly as possible. Mistakes will be inevitable but make sure you learn from them, turn your setbacks into comebacks.
  6. Have fun. Loving what you do and earning from it is one of the best feelings in the world.

Want to  access my easy to follow plan of action cheat sheet so you can easily make the 4th quarter your most profitable, here!

Or better yet, grab the entire goal setting & strategic planning training calls, worksheets, and other goodies here and never worry again about setting goals and not achieving them.

Either way, let’s make the rest of 2014 rock like nobody’s watching.




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Lately I have been on the theme of goal setting!ADreamWithAGoal

Honestly, this is a great time of year to do a quick check in with yourself and see how those goals you set forth in the beginning of the year are shaping up as we get ready to enter the 4th quarter.

Wow, time sure does fly when you are having fun!

A goal is dream with a deadline” ~ Napoleon Hill

I just love this quote from Napoleon Hill because it rings so true for me as well as hundreds of my clients.

Here’s the thing, if want to turn those dreams and desires into reality for us we need to set goals and we need to set achievable and attainable goals.

And of course, we want to have a system in place that allows us to reach those goals every time we set them.

I am actually talking about this in three of my training programs that are currently running right now because honestly, if you don’t know how to set SMART goals and reach them you are dead in the water.

The other thing is you want to learn how to do this in a way that is in alignment with what you really want life and your business, so its super important to have a vision that goes along with those “goals”.

In addition, you don’t want these “goals” to take over your life, after all, you are in business to create more freedom in your life not have it suck the life out of you. Trust me, I sure do know a thing or two about that but that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, the point is if you want to reach your goals in a reasonable amount of time you want to learn how to strategically use your calendar as a tool to help you achieve those goals.

As I said, this is something that I am teaching in depth my clients right now and it’s so important that I want to make these modules available to you as well. More about that in a moment, but I want to give you some pointers to get you started with goal setting and strategic planning and calendaring.

1 – Be clear on what your goal is and why you want to achieve it (seriously, the why is so important to YOU achieving your goal) :-)

2 – Set yourself up for success so that you have a fighting chance to reach your goals, ie. you gotta have a plan to get to where you want to go. Click here for a little cheat sheet to help you do that.

3 – Use your calendar as a strategic tool. In order to do that the first step is to have your plan for the next 90 days then break that into smaller chunks and smaller chunks and calendar what needs to be done.

There really is an art to doing this which is why it’s something that I teach in depth. Right now, you can gain instant access to this system as well as the goal setting system so that you can really get yourself on track and on target before the end of the year. Just go here to learn more: http://rockyourgrowth.com/plan

If you want to grab your 9 Simple Steps to Create a Plan of Action Cheat sheet you can do that here!

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A bold decision is made up of two words. The first word is bold. This means that it should be daring, confident, and purposeful. The second word is decision. This means that it should be a deliberate act born of sound judgment or provide an adequate conclusion. Both words when taken together naturally mean that whatever action is to be taken must have a purpose and an impact.

This article will discuss 3 steps by which you can make any decision, a bold one! Just to be clear, this is NOT an above the clouds discussion that is more theoretical than practical. This article will provide simple but effective methods of making waves in the realm of decision making.

Step 1: Due Diligence

Any decision to be worth implementing must have been weighed down with research, research, and more research. You need to know everything about anything that is proximate and relevant to your cause. Remember, there is a thin line between due diligence and dilly dallying. The former means the proper utilization of time in order to come up with relevant information on specific points within a deadline. The latter means floundering about and taking too much time to come to a decision. Take heed, even the boldest decision may become just a footnote on another person’s prior achievement. Tips:

  • make an outline and stick to it
  • create a draft
  • have enough time to make updates and/or edits

Step 2: The Devil Is in the Details

After your initial research, the next task is to implement your decision. Remember, a decision that is not implemented is either confined to the realm of your thoughts or is a mere scrap of paper. In other words, you should pay special attention to your plan of attack; make sure that it is not only good on paper or on theory, but also practicable. Tip: a checklist would be very helpful in this juncture.

Step 3: Follow Thru

A decision that is not seen to the end, no matter how brilliant it might be, cannot be considered a “decision”, much less be considered “bold”. Remember, some of the boldest and most successful ideas did not reach its full potential overnight. A bold decision is like a camp fire, it starts small. If it is nurtured then it becomes a big blaze which can be self sufficient and hungry for more.  If it is left to its own devices prematurely, it will smolder and die.

Are you ready to finally be more productive in your life and business and get the freedom back? Contact me today to schedule your complimentary call, just click here!

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