lightbulbbizAs we celebrate our 12 years of marriage and reflect on the journey thus far I couldn’t help but notice the correlation between marriage (or any committed relationship for that matter) and business and that was really the inspiration of this weeks article.

  • Is your biz on a solid footing?
  • Do you have the right systems in place?
  • Do you have the right team in place?
  • Do you have a clear vision?
  • Do you have a plan for your business?

These are just some of the questions that come to mind for me as I think about what it really takes to create a profitable and sustainable business. Creating a successful business is very much like creating a successful marriage.

The same principles that hold a marriage together year after year are the same principles that hold a business together as well.

Yesterday I celebrated 12 years of marriage to my amazing and supportive husband John and really got me thinking, thinking about business and life and what was the common thread that really ran through our success? And that’s when I realized it’s the same thread that keeps your business going and thriving, and growing.

We have been together for almost 16 years now and married 12, 2 amazing kids later, homeowners 3 times over, several businesses, college degrees, cross country moves, good times, tough time, great times, trying times we always made it through to the other side even more in love with each other and stronger and more committed in our relationship to each other and life we want to create.

When I started to look at how this could be I noticed a common theme among what makes our relationship work in spite of some trivial times, whether you are married, in a committed relationship or not I am sure at some point in time you can relate to the good the bad and the ugly of relationship.

And the same thing rings true for business, you see, business has its shares of ups and downs just like any relationship, the key to getting through the challenges is knowing how to navigate the journey and of course having a solid foundation and footing in your biz and your relationship.

So, is your business built on a solid foundation or is it build on hope, quicksand and toothpicks?

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ADreamWithAGoalThere are few things in business that are as important as client/customer acquisition, ie. Sales. I mean when you get right down to it the truth of the matter is that if you don’t have sales/clients/customers you don’t really have a business in the first place.

I wanted to share with you my 5 step process that I have used to magnetize ideal clients & customers to me and keep my business consistently full so I can avoid the feast or famine too many entrepreneurs I speak with are struggling with. This is the same process that I have used to take my business to multi-6-figures in a few short months and you can do the same thing too, if you so desire. :-)

Step 1 – Decide

The first thing you want to do is decide that you want and will accomplish a specific goal or target, once you make the decision, you need to cut off all possibility of slipping back as well, that is definition of a decision, to cut off. It sounds simple yet this is a very important step in the process.

Okay cool, so we make a decision that we are going to for instance, create and additional $2500 in revenue in our business. Declare this, write it down on a piece of paper and keep it where you can see it. As Napoleon Hill says “A dream is just a goal with a deadline” and you are much more likely to reach your goals when you write them down and declare what they are, especially when you do them in public. In fact, why not declare what your goal/intention is for the next 30 days below in the comments section? I would love to hear from you!

Now, we want to adopt a mindset that you can and will do this, trust me, once you make a declaration like this those gremlins in your head start talking and telling you its not possible, you cant do it, whatever, comes up for you, fill in the blank, be prepared for this and don’t let it in.

Here is my 3 step process for reaching any goal/target with ease:

Step 1 – Get clear on what you want, in physical form but also and more importantly in how you want to feel on the inside. Remember, success first is an inside job.

Step 2 – Think it, feel it, be it – visualize what you want and live in the feeling, like attracts like.

Step 3 – Get into action!

Speaking of action, lets get on to step 2!

Step 2 – Position

You need to position yourself as the go to person to help your ideal clients solve a specific problem. Here are some key areas to consider:

-       Know who your ideal client is

-       Know what problem your ideal client wants to solve

-       Know the results people get from working with you

-       Know how to price your products and services

From this standpoint you can now position your products and services to attract your ideal clients to you.

Speaking of attracting, that brings me to step 3.

Step 3 – Attract

Now we are really getting into to action and making things happen to speak. Now that you are clear on your positioning allow your ideal clients to be attracted to you.

-       Build your pipeline

-       Spend time each day marketing your business, even 30 minutes a day will do wonders.

-       Identify low hanging fruit

-       Identify hidden opportunities in your biz
Need some ideas for client attraction? Click here for 7 strategies to get clients fast, even if you don’t have a list and you are just starting out.

Step 4 – Enroll

Now that you have been out taking action and having initial conversations with people it is time to turn those initial conversations into enrollment conversations. This step is all about inviting people into a structured conversation with you so that you can determine if in fact you can help them solve their problem. Once you determine that you can help them solve their problem its time to enroll them into your product and or services.

If you need help with enrolling clients easily, check out my step-by-step “Insider Secrets to Get Clients FAST! Client Enrollment” system here.

5 – Celebrate

Whoohoo! You did it! Now its time to celebrate your new clients and your hard work and do it all over again! It may seem trivial and honestly I used to skip this step but I found that it is really important, no matter how small the win may seem at the time its important to celebrate your victories so to speak, otherwise what’s the point right?

For in depth step-by-step training on getting clients in the next 30 days check out “Insider Secrets to Get Clients FAST!” Training program here!

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7 Strategies to Get clients FAST!

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Turn Prospects into CASH!

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3 Deadly Sales Mistakes to AvoidSummer time is a great time for taking a step back and reflecting on life and business. And this summer has been no exception. Over the past few years I have been able to grow my business immensely and although there were a lot of factors that lead to being able to increase my business by more than 200% in 6 months there is one skill I learned that was key to being able to do that.

Do you know what it is? If you said learning to have sales conversations or as I like to call them enrollment conversations then you are right!

The cool thing about being able to have these conversations with prospects and turn them into buyers is that once you know how to do this, once you learn this skill its not something that anyone can take away from you.

I mean really, once you master this skill you will never have to worry about how you are going to buy the things you want to buy, the new car, the new house, that vacation you have been dreaming about. Whatever else it is that you want to have because it doesn’t matter if your entire database was taken away from you overnight or you lost your website, or whatever disaster may happen once you learn the skill of the conversation bringing clients in becomes easy.

Now of course, there is  a bit more to this then it may seem on the surface but I wanted to share 3 mistakes that really kill your enrollment calls so you don’t make them anymore.

And don’t worry, I used to make these same mistakes too, and its okay, because making mistakes is the greatest learning tool that we have, but if you can learn from others mistakes you will be ahead a of the game, and that is my purpose of sharing these 3 mistakes with you.

1 -Not positioning yourself as the expert, believe it or not there is a science to positioning yourself at the onset of these calls. If you don’t you risk not earning the prospects trust and usually their business too. Its easy to position yourself as the expert you truly are, and all it stems from asking the right questions.

2 – Focusing solely on you or your product/service. The enrollment conversation is not so much about you and your service as it is about your prospect. The idea of the conversation is to get the prospect talking about his/her problem, this way you can figure out how you can help them solve their problem. Stop worrying about how you are going to pitch your product and start asking engaging questions to uncover the problems they are facing. Then if appropriate offer a solution to the problem.

3 – Not having a proven system or template to follow during the sales/enrollment conversation. – Yes, there is a system that you need to follow in order to truly understand what the prospect wants and needs. You want to lead them through the conversation that honors them and you and allows you to uncover any hidden problems and bring them to their attention.

The cool thing is that I have developed a 7 step system that I use to enroll new clients time and time again. This very system has allowed me to generate new business of $5,000, $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 even $120,000 worth of new business each month. You can do it too, just check out my simple  7-step system to easily enroll clients in your biz too! click here!


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