Are you setting your goals from ego orI got this awesome note from The Universe this morning “Wouldn’t you love it, Kim, if there were only 3 reasons that anything ever happened in time and space:

Because I love you…
Because you love them…
Because they love you…

Yeah, that was a trick question. There are only 3 reasons that anything ever happens.

I love you, The Universe”

This really made me think because the think, over the past year I have really deliberately shifted my focus to working from the energy of love and in that process I realized that the majority of the goals I had been setting up until that point had come from ego or fear, and not love at all.

As we start to prepare our business goals for 2015 and beyond I can’t help but ask the question.

“Are you setting your goals from ego or fear?”

The difference can literally be stopping you in your tracks from achieving your goals. If you are a purpose driven entrepreneur then the key to setting goals and easily reaching them without it sucking the life out of you is to set them in alignment with your heart, from a place of love, there is no room for ego within the space of love.

Learn to do that and then consistently take inspired action and no goal you truly seek is unachievable.

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