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Is Your Income Stuck ?

Yeah, mine was too!

I was stuck in the constant up and down, one month I’d earn $1000 next month $3000, next month $500, some months $5000 but it wasn’t consistent, it wasn’t something I could hang my hat on and depend on.

And come the end of the year, I would always earn right around $35,000….for the past several years since starting my service based business.

Can you relate?

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I did not make sense to me

    • I was smart
    • I was savvy
    • I had degrees
    • I had certifications
    • I had trainings
    • I had a coach
    • I had invested 10′s of thousands of dollars in my “after college” education, to try and make this work, heck, this wasn’t even my first business
    • Heck, I had even helped dozens of other business owner get the same freedom I was seeking, with structure, and systems, and teams

I began to question myself?

All I wanted so badly was to earn just $8000 per month, that would pay or regular expenses, give us enough money so that John could quiet his job at the school and we could be family.

    • Oh, I so desperately wanted to be a family.
    • I so desperately wanted to be free.
    • I so desperately wanted to make choices that did not revolve around money
    • I wanted to leave my kids a legacy (and not the one my family left me)
    • I so desperately wanted to be fulfilled with my work, not just doing it because I was good at it, or because it brought in money.
    • I wanted a sense of purpose, not just a paycheck, heck, I did not want a paycheck, I wanted to write my own ticket.
    • My own ticket to freedom.

Seriously, this really couldn’t be all there was… the life I was meant to live? Could it?

    • Rise and grind every day
    • Work myself until my eyes were heavy and my back hurt, just trying to figure out that one thing that magic bullet that would change it all
    • Trading dollars for hours.

Yeah, maybe sometimes I can create $5000 a month, but how do I do that consistently without burning out, working 24/7 and being resentful of my clients? There had to be another way… and I am happy to tell you, there is!

Discover WHY Your Income Is Stuck And HOW To Break Through The $100k Barrier Without Selling Your Soul!

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